Two 商业 men and a business woman around a table for a meeting
Group of OU students studying abroad standing infront of an ocean with an O U banner
Man working at a stock trading terminal


Down Arrow主后的证书

Students and Professors meeting in the library
Male and Female student studying in a common area
Teacher smiling in a classroom of young children

School of 教育和人性化服务

SEHS students, alumni and faculty enhance their communities, shape the future of their professions and touch the lives of thousands of learners, from pre-schoolers to professionals, inner-city teens to teachers in rural Chinese classrooms.

Female student and male instructor working on a robotic machine
Male and Female students working on the engine of a race car
Female student setting up a camera to study biomechanics

School of 工程和计算机科学

502 Bad Gateway

young man seated on an exercise bike while others observe in a circle around him
Group of students and teacher working in a laboratory
young man wearing safety glasses working on mechanical equipment



Two male medical students
Group of medical students and professor studying a skeleton
Male and Female medical students working with a young girl

Oakland University William Beaumont School of 医学

Close up of a doctor holding a stethoscope
Two female nursing students taking a patients blood pressure
Close-up of a female nursing student


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